"Working Stiff" Prints, January '23

 I admit, this series is one of my favorites

"Working Stiff #4" one from the assortment from my Paint Prints Gallery
Dear Friends Old and New,
You might think I have beaten this topic to death, but I assure you, no, this is not the case. In fact, I may expand this series here in the new year to include some images of the same subject matter at a larger scale, perhaps even on canvas. The topic preoccupies me, I confess. That humanity is reduced to sitting before a computer screen plunking away at keys on a keyboard day and night, year in and year out, is amusing, ok-- but this whole 'human activity' hardly seems normal or right. Confessions of an old white guy, yes! You are correct. So, do consider adding a contemporary, original print from this series to your print collection, right now. "Working Stiff #4"

Biblical Prints: John 13:34: "Religion" continues to be trashed by the predictably data-driven, often self-righteous, secular Left, possessed by the desire to make itself the center of power, law and authority up and down this society, working overtime to obliterate any idea or set of ideas that competes with its manufactured, ephemeral, chaotic orthodoxies, demanding conformity, everywhere...what a bore.  Then, there is the question of one's personal faith, one's faith tradition. And the question for non-believers-- "I don't believe it." And the question for agnostics, those who could believe-- if only someone could 'prove it to me.'  And the question for data-gatherers, science people, people of logic and rationality who want to participate in an extra-earthly experience that 'makes sense.' What a world we live in! Consequently, I find my faith prints more timely and inspiring--and am happy to make them availableHonestly, to see these images hanging in offices and rooms of friends is always a special treat that warms my heart. Last year, a friend gave his brother an art print gift, seen here, an unusual interpretation of John 3:16These typographic prints do make excellent gifts at any time of year. 

Should you consider a new print on this subject, Christianity, here is the core of the Faith in one typographic plate, a unique style--one I developed to help express both Old and New Testament verses in distinctive, graphic fashion. The design is plain; just typography, no descriptive text, no photos...just the utter simplicity of type and color. Contact me, be happy to discuss any of these print selections. 

"John 13:34," from my Faith Prints Gallery 

Beach posters, (below) truly original posters, also great gifts on almost any occasion, especially following Beach Season, will likely delight anyone who receives one. I am glad to report my Massachusetts Beach Poster sold this past summer at an art auction to assist the Westport Waterfront Alliance. Now that the New Year 2023 is upon us, these posters will make a most splendid gift for someone in your life...or, for YOU!  
    • Special technique; these 'Good Almost Anytime' posters are screen-printed on 100 lb. Mohawk paper stock, a beautiful sheet of paper stock. See them all in my Beach Poster GalleryCape CodNew JerseyLong IslandFloridaChesapeake Bay, and California
    • Distinguishing feature: Each poster includes actual sand gathered by yours-truly from the beaches of that particular locality, then adhered to the poster, itself; a distinctive poster and excellent gift idea at any time of year. You won't see anything like this around, I don't believe. 
    • Please note: I will gladly sign your print before shipping. (Be aware, the Rhode Island Beach Poster sold out of stock early upon release, two printings. These are no longer available.) From among those posters still in stock, I can assure you, your select recipient will treasure this very unusual Beach Poster Print. Example, below: The ever-popular Florida Beach poster from this Beach Poster Gallery

If, when purchasing a print, custom-ordering your matte and frame are important to you, I urge you to experiment with various styles right here on my art website so you are pleased when the work arrives at your door. Check out various matte and frame selections from my Photo Gallery, or perhaps Paints GalleryFor reference, definitely...check out my Exhibit page. As you will see--when customizing, pick a gloss paper or matte, perhaps a metal (Aluminum) or acrylic-- even a canvas wrap. Then choose a preferred size. Sizes vary with the selection and depend on the quality of digital image resolution. Add a matte and frame of your liking, choose from the assortment. Include a means of framing and installation so your work will arrive ready to hang. Before YOU BEGIN, take advantage of special framing features on this website. These features will help you "see" the image as it will appear on a given wall, even YOUR wall. Believe it or not, these features can add excitement, joy and satisfaction to your on-line, print-buying experience.

These George Delany art prints will arrive excellently packaged, each in buttoned-up condition, ready to display on your chosen wall. Money back guarantee...if not completely satisfied. Stick with it. Experiment, see what is possible. There are many options to consider among a variety of materials and sizes offered. Your time will be worth it. Expect to receive your print in week or ten days. Once you learn how to walk thru this process you will likely look forward to repeating this experience next time you are moved to add a print to your collection. 

As for my branded Americana postersyes, I can add your logo to any of these print images. But, you may ask, how does one go about branding a poster campaign? If, in the spirit of the times, you like the idea of patriotic posters as gifts to your customers, staff or vendors--if you own a small business, large business, or captain a non-profit organization and would like to make branded posters available as gifts this season, I would be pleased to add your organization's logo discretely in the lower right hand corner...when you place your order. Contact me to discuss. You will definitely see a final proof image to approve before production. Branded posters offer an excellent way to 'get the word out.' I will work with any interested small, medium or large company to complete this transaction (below)

Farm Art? Should you find 
 hankering for some original Delany 'Farm Art,' for instance, 'Chicken Art,' here is a short video about our chickens, some of my original Chicken art painted in acrylic on wooden shingles back in the day. Chicken art prints available. Contact me. These images are part of my Paint Prints Gallery.  

Here in January of this new year, 2023, why not plan on building your portfolio of original prints and art? I will be posting some paintings that have thus far never seen the light of day, first time promotion. Keep an eye out. Meantime, keep your pipes from freezing, heat on, your bird feeders full, your oil tank healthy and your kitchen overflowing with fruit and vegetables. May the storm season treat us well, this winter. 

This year, I am posting this blog about twice a month. Contact me about anything you see here, and keep an eye out. Thank you for your support, encouragement and enthusiasm...love it!
Very truly,

Contact: email  Web  Exhibit
A popular choice! "First Amendment" Art Print from my Americana Posters Gallery

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